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Teaching Skills

Mo. 17.02.2020, 09:00-17:00 Uhr
Di. 18.02.2020, 09:00-17:00 Uhr
Mi. 19.02.2020,  09:00-17:00 Uhr


Teaching skills are an important asset of a researcher planning an academic career. This compact course will teach you:

  • Didactic Tasks of a lecturer/teacher (presenter, motivator, domain expert, leader)
  • How to define learning objectives
  • How to structure courses – designing a detailed structure plan Methodology
  • How to make use of people’s learning habits
  • Methods for different formats, course phases and group sizes
  • How to instruct, conduct and evaluate different methods Visual aids
  • Designing and using visual aids for teaching situations Leading groups and discussions
  • Tasks of a discussion leader
  • Communication techniques


  • Interactive teaching dialogue
  • Theoretical input
  • Small group work
  • Practical exercises (e.g. applying methods, leading discussions)
  • Video feedback

Learning objectives

The participants

  • become more conscious of their role as lecturer/ teacher.
  • have didactical basic knowledge for planning and structuring courses/ seminars.
  • know the aims and functions of different teaching methods.
  • can choose, design and apply visual aids meaningfully and comprehensibly and.
  • can apply different communication techniques for leading discussion.

Teaching methods

The course design consists of different methods and exercises so that participants are involved interactively.

Dieser Kurs ist für das Zertifikat Hochschullehre der bayerischen Universitäten (Grundstufe/Aufbaustufe) mit folgenden Arbeitseinheiten (AE) anrechenbar:
Bereich A (Lehr-Lernkonzepte): 8 AE
Bereich B (Präsentation und Kommunikation): 8 AE
Bereich E (Beraten und Begleiten): 8 AE

Dozentinnen: Yvonne Zips, Julia Rupprecht
Teilnehmerzahl: 12
Veranstaltungsort: LMU München, Amalienstr. 17, Rückgebäude, Seminarraum 2. Stock