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Support and Advise Students

Fr. 13.11.2015, 09:30-17:30 Uhr

Students increasingly turn to university lecturers for advice on various challenges and/or decisions they face. Students hence approach lecturers with questions not only during classroom sessions but also outside the teaching context. Often the questions and challenges students seek advice on are not purely related to teaching content but also touch on personal areas of concern, such as learning difficulties, fear of exams and subsequent fear of failure, or doubts about their major or study focus area. This could also include students wanting advice on how to deal with conflicts they might have with other students or lecturers, or on whether or not they should do a semester abroad.
In order to handle these situations professionally, it is important to be aware of opportunities and challenges that providing advice might bring. This means reflecting on your own role as lecturer as well as choosing the most effective communication techniques to support students. This course will prepare you for these situations by:

  • creating awareness around how to consult and support students without telling students what they should do
  • experiencing and trying out different communication techniques
  • providing opportunities to practice using specific cases

This course is highly interactive. To benefit most from the course, please bring along some of your own challenges in your role as lecturer and advisor to students.

Dieser Kurs ist für das Zertifikat Hochschullehre der bayerischen Universitäten (Grundstufe/Aufbaustufe) mit folgenden Arbeitseinheiten (AE) anrechenbar: Bereich E (Beraten und Begleiten): 8 AE


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