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Teaching and Presentation Skills in English

Fr., 12./19./26.11.2021, 09:30- 13:00 Uhr

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Practice and develop your teaching competences in a second language

This course is for non-native speakers, who want to improve fluency in their academic teaching. To feel more comfortable with the language, we will be applying a range of useful expressions and techniques. We will look at the following contexts:

• introducing topics and overview
• making clear transitions between your sections
• describing and explaining visuals and examples
• highlighting key information
• interacting with your students and giving feedback
• instructing students in learning activities
• concluding and summarizing your lectures

We will look at trends in English-speaking academic style such as using less formal language, using more active formulations, and using shorter sentences to be audience-friendly.
By analyzing video clips of sample lectures we will see a number of skills being applied, and you will hold your own short presentations in small groups. We will use these short practice sessions to give you feedback and develop your lecturing competence.

Leitziel: Gain extensive feedback on how you present information in your lecturing context, and gain input on applying didactic techniques that support student learning.


  • develop a range of expressions for introducing, structuring and closing lectures
  • apply rhetorical techniques to highlight important information
  • practice didactic techniques that promote learner involvement and support learning

Vorbereitung: You will be assigned mini presentation / lecture sequences throughout the course. These will be agreed during each session.


Tim Korver (MA in Linguistics) manages an English language school to develop communicative competence in companies around Munich. He runs workshops on Scientific Presentation and Writing skills.

Dieser Kurs ist nach Richtlinien des Zertifikats Hochschullehre Bayern anrechnungsfähig:
Bereich A (Lehr-Lern-Konzepte): 6 AE 
Bereich B (Präsentation und Kommunikation): 6 AE

Dozent: Tim Korver
Teilnehmerzahl: 12
Veranstaltungsort: online